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Pressure Washing

Here at Strata Cleaning, we have seen our fair share of driveways and paths in need of a clean. In our experience, high pressure washing not only improves the aesthetic value, but will also improve safety as well.

Imagine heavy raid in pouring down. You or your children jump out of your car, hoping to run inside. A buildup of substances such as mould and mildew as well as daily dirt and grime has made the driveway and path very slippery. Running to get away from the rain just turned into a gamble.

Professional cleaning by Strata Cleaning will remove this buildup of dirt and grime, along with mould and mildew from your outdoor hard surfaces, keeping the slip factor at a minimum and the mould spores at bay.

We use the Slip Stream Pro21 triple arm surface cleaner. In conjunction with the Turbo and Fan lance, it enables us to do large and small areas with the precision and detail you would expect from Strata.

The power and flexibility of this pressure washing system means we can meet all commercial and domestic customer requirements, and a number of our existing clients prefer to have this done alongside gutter cleaning and deep cleaning of conservatory glass and frames.

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Case Study
  • Waitrose Images
  • Waitrose Images
  • Waitrose Images
  • Waitrose Images

Project: Pressure Washing for Redeveloped Stores

Description: The purpose of the project was to revamp external areas of Waitrose stores as part of the site development. Strata worked with the main contractor to complete this work.

Designated areas were cordoned off and pressure washed using our slipstream 21” pressure washer and lances. This cleaned the paving. We also removed any gum build up with the Gumwand – gum removal system. Each area was dried to remove excess water and allow customer access.

Feedback: The feedback from stores and their customers has been excellent. Large pedestrian areas at the entrance to stores have been rejuvenated and create a great first impression

Strata now carry out this work on a regular basis in a number of Waitrose stores in southern England.