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Kitchen and Food Preparation Area

Kitchen Deep Clean

When it comes to eating establishments, there are two main things people usually judge: the front of house service, and the quality of the food. We cannot help with the front of house staff, but the quality of your food can be directly impacted by the cleanliness of your food preparation areas, which is exactly where we can help you.

Our expert commercial kitchen cleaning team use high quality eco friendly chemicals, steam machines and floor machines capable of stripping back grease and debris from all areas of your floor space.

Whilst many commercial premises will already have a de-carboniser immersion machine we can supply this as part of our deep clean service. If required we can also strip and back and shine any stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen area.

Removal of dirt and grease is critical to ensure your food preparation areas are spotless. Let Strata take care of this for you so that your staff can focus on your customers, and business.

We will also provide you with a Certificate of Environmental Hygiene that you can display as evidence of the work that has taken place.

Refrigeration Unit Cleaning

Anywhere you store food, you will find an area that needs to be cleaned regularly. With any fridge unit, static or mobile, cleaning is even more crucial, as you are not only looking at the cleanliness of the unit and products but also the maintenance and performance of the unit.

Daily or weekly cleaning of shelves, a deep cleaning of back units, bases and even pump units, drain gullies and cooling fins must be taken into consideration.

At Strata, we have implemented the most rigorous of cleaning regimes for large high volume retailers across the UK. It is this knowledge and skillset that we will bring to your business no matter what size or range of fridge and freezer units you have.

We carry out periodic cleaning to a set specification and timescale, and recommend the daily/weekly cleaning program to help ensure that the fridge units work to the optimum level and give your customers confidence in the products you display.

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